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Reading different docs and texts about codecs, I`ve found one strange thing. Many people repeats - "Default params ARE the best!" "Do not change!"

I respect that scientists, who created these `default` values for DivX 4+ codecs. But after some films viewing and coding, I`ve decided to experiment myself.

It costs me week of worktime, week of 4 computers (1.1 GHz and near) worktime, 20Gb disk space. I asked 10 people for attention, and they looked at my products 3-5 days.

Hardware details:

Computers were quick enough. Maximum PostProcessing Level was possible. Really only `ring`-artifacts were less or more recognizable from changing PostProcessing level.

Film effect, when using 5.02 ax filter - the good thing, but I`ve turned it off during my probes.

No cartoons, no 3D-animation, only play movies tested.

I assume, that eyes are important details, and if we see face in the frame, defects near eyes are extremly annoyning, in comparison with errors in any other place of picture.

It is possible to pack classic Video CD with 352 x 288 pixels frame with 280-320-400k bitrate instead of 700-800. And picture quality is kept!

When packing videostream from DVD with picture format 720 x 400 I have kept original picture quality even on 480-560-600k bitrate. In default settings state I have surely detected difference between 640k and 1280k bitrate.

VirtualDub settings correction

Change scene sensitivity:
VirtualDub 1.4D -> Options -> Preferences -> Scene ->
InterFrame: 206 change to 160
IntraFrame: 64 change to 100

These changes increase subjectivic quality of quick panorames and zooming. If picture are totally changed during 10-40 frames, additional keyframes gives better feeling.

DivX 4.12

quantizer (Maximum compress level of frame)

Max quantizer: 12 change to 18 - cause less size of titles and slow panorames. For example, final titles of `Evolution` fall to 6.5M instead of 9.8M size. This affects quick panorames too, but motion blur makes this change undetectable (`Strange days`, skating). Blurred background (`Johny Mnemonik`, camera moves around hero`s head) is affected without pity too.

bitrate variation parametres

Maximum keyframe interval

Maximum keyframe interval: 300 change to what you want. I set 10000.

This minimizes number of keyrames to `only-scene-changes`. Forced keyframes per 10 sec (300 default settings) makes less bitrate for other part of stream. Difference may be measured in quantizer levels viewing analyse.log. You may gain even 2 quantizer levels.

But large keyframe interval make inconvinient travelling over time axis in any player. :-(

So - if you prefer to choose position smoothly - make this number less. I prefer to see film as normal film - from beginning to the end.

DivX 4.12 tuning for comics, slide-show

There are many videomaterials, formed as .avi file, but actually they may be called `slide-show`. Static pictures with very small changes, music, rare moving of small details (as in anime).

Example - "Bezhin Meadow", made from one-frame pieces.

Best DivX settings to keep quality and minimize size are:

These changes made on clip "Cowboy Bebop - Video Editing FAILED", makes me 3.7M file instead of 28M avi (default settings), from 64M original MPEG1 file.
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