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These recomendations are not absolute. Earlier I`ve tuned DivX 4.12 codec better, than it`s standart settings. XviD standart settings are better `tuned`, but some trivial changes MUST be done to get better result for some appropriate videomaterial.

I work with VCD/DVD original, NOT with VHS/TV sources.

Quality-independent settings

Maximum keyframe interval

Maximum keyframe interval: 300 change to what you want. I set 10000.

This minimizes number of keyrames to `only-scene-changes`. Default forced keyframes per 10 sec (300 default settings) makes less bitrate for other part of stream. Difference may be measured in quantizer levels viewing analyse.log. You may gain even 2 quantizer levels.

But large keyframe interval make inconvinient travelling over time axis in any player. :-(

So - if you prefer to choose position smoothly - make this number less. I prefer to see film as normal film - from beginning to the end.

Settings I am using in MOST films` encoding are:

pass-independent Profile @ Level setting:

Profile @ Level -> unrestricted -> more -> Profile Profile @ Level -> unrestricted -> more -> Aspect Ratio
DO NOT turn ON options "QPel" and "Global Motion Compensation"! these two options cause incompatibilities with many hardware players

pass-independent Advanced Options setting:

Advanced Options -> Motion Advanced Options -> Quantization

1st pass setting:

2pass 1st pass settings Encoding Type -> 2pass 1st pass -> more

2nd pass setting:

2pass 1st pass settings Encoding Type -> 2pass 2nd pass -> more

Zone settings

Zone Options

Statistic of the result

When Xvid makes second pass, it draws Quantizer histogramm. I`ve found some empiric rule FOR LOW BITRATES (<0.2bpp). "Nice histogramm means nice picture". Nice histogramm means the most `smooth` Gaussian Curve of P-frames and B-Frames. And peaks of the curves must be in arythmetical progress. 2-4-6, 2-5-8 for example.
Xvid Statistic 1 Xvid Statistic 2
Xvid Statistic 3 Xvid Statistic 4
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