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Obligatory Disclaimer


You may follow instructions described here on your own risk.

This text`s version history:


Some video file isn`t playable on user`s computer. If user isn`t expert, he tries to run many video playing programms without real understanding what he really does. Usually, user thinks all be good, if he installs `New CoolPlayer from...`. In most cases it is NOT problem with PLAYER (programm that interacts with user and reads video file).

It is the problem with `stream` placed inside file, and `codec`, that is needed to play this stream. Codec is part of system, called by player. Usually Codec is identified with 4CC (video) or 2CC (audio) code.

Authors of players somtimes try to solve `codec problem` in two main ways:

Result is mix of many unworking programms in system.

If you read and understand this text, you may keep your likely player, but simply install needed CODEC. In comparison with "K-Lite codec Pack" or "Nimo codec pack" projects, I don`t think instead of you, but I hope you understand some things.

This text describes some optimal list and install sequence of programms and codecs. Main task is "to play any video file". You can minimize problems with playing video by reading this text and using mentioned software.

All packets are formed as simply installable, as possible.

You MUST have administrative rights under NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP to install this software.

It was tested under Windows NT 4.0 SP6a; Windows 95 (Pan Euro, Russian, OSR2,...); Windows 98 (Second Edition); Windows 2000 (SP2, SP4, En, Ru); Windows XP Home, Pro, Corporate Edition, En, Ru.

Note about Windows XP

Some of these packages get error during installation under Windows XP. Operating System clears content of temporarily directory earlier, than it`s really needed.

If it happens:

  1. Run executable installation file to unpack it in %TEMP%\RarSFX.000\
  2. Copy unpacked content to some another directory
  3. Run install.exe from this `another` directory


1st portion is different for different OS. Win 95-98-ME doesn`t contain some old, but useful codecs (Indeo, for example), or contain wrong versions of them. Windows NT 4.0 has not enough Direct X version for modern media player programs (Direct X 7 is required, NT 4.0 can have Direct X 5 maximum). You may (and I recommend to) install Media Player Classic as universal Media Player under any OS with Direct X 7+. So, install Microsoft Media Player 6.4, Real Player 8.0 and Apple Quicktime player under NT 4.0.
NT 4.0 & Windows 95-98 missing codecs and MS Media Player 6.4:
  1. mp64full.exe - Media Player 6.4 with codecs
  2. wmpcdcs8.exe - Windows Media 8 codec
  3. iv5setup.exe - Intel Indeo (versions 3,4,5)
  1. qt65full.exe 11M - Quick Time Player 6.5 from APPLE.COM
  2. qt65full.txt - Quick Time Player 6.5 free registration code
  3. rp8setup.exe - RealPlayer 8 from REAL.COM
  4. asusdvd.zip 14M - Asus DVD Player, if you have DVD-ROM (serial nuber inside archive)
Real Player and Quick time Player alternative - substitution of these programms. Install Media Player Classic from one of these packages and enjoy. If you have problems with it on system with DirectX 8.* installed - upgrade DirectX to 9.0 version.
  1. quicktimealt175.exe - Quick Time
  2. realalt150.exe - RealMedia
  3. wmlite240.exe - Windows Media 9
from K-Lite mirror Media Player Classic plays DVD, so I`ve not placed another DVD player here. After installing these packeges simply run Media Player Classic (it`s icon has appeared on desktop). Menu View->Options. Choose Player->Formats and press button All there. Apply changes.
2nd portion - for any Windows from 95 to XP
  1. vp6_decoder.exe - True Motion decoder for 4CC code VP61
  2. on2_vp7_personal_edition.exe - True Motion decoder for 4CC code VP70
  3. wmasound.exe - Old DivX Audio codec
  4. mp3pro.exe - Old MP3 Pro Audio codec (Not really needed). This package may be VERY useful, if you install and deinstall some sound software or players, and mp3 files becomes unplayable.
  5. matroska.exe - "Matroska" Play Back package. Matroska - young Free project. It pretends to support very wide video and audio content. It contains nice universal subtitles playing tool DirectVobSub.
  6. ap4xcol1.exe - This is substitution for `Angel Potion` codec. Original Angel Potion is hacked MS Mpeg4 codec, very old version. Original AP has at least to mistakes in code, causing system crashes and color artifacts in played video. This substitution has no disadvantages. This is DivX 4.12 codec, hacked to play 4CC codes of `Angel Potion`.
3d portion - for any Windows from 95 to XP
  1. ffdshow.exe  - Universal directshow decodec filter. After it`s installing run the file:
  2. ffdshow.reg  - setting file to cause FFDSHOW to play all possible streams (VP31 video, AAC/AC3 audio too)
  3. gspot251.rar (200k) - Nice programm to show codecs information (installed codecs, codecs needed for file).

Checking result

Some videofiles are placed here (7M summary size) Download them all and check if they are viewable on your system.

About some codecs

DOS & Proc <350 МГц

qvpro245.zip - allows 200MHz Pentium to play MPEG4 videostreams and MP3 audio streams.
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